Baked in the Burg opens full-time bakery and café in EDGE District

Baked in the Burg opens full-time bakery and café in EDGE District

The bright interior of Baked in the Burg

Baked in the Burg, a concept that brings Burg Cookie Co and Maddie’s Cakes under one roof, is now open in downtown St. Pete at 25 Dr MLK Jr St S.

One of St. Pete’s coolest local success stories is also one of its tastiest. Baked in the Burg, a bakery and café now open in the EDGE District on the corner of MLK and 1st Ave S, is a celebration of all things scrumptious in the Sunshine City.

Baked in the Burg is a joint venture between Ashlea O’Connor and Maddie Blake, after the co-owners combined their two businesses into one. Maddie’s Cakes and Burg Cookie Co. were both operating out of The EDGE Collective, a food hall-esque incubator for local artisans, and after just a few weeks of working next to each other, they decided they should go for it together.

Now, mere months later, Baked in the Burg is open, their own brick and mortar shop featuring oodles of creative baked goods, local coffee, breakfast sandwiches and, of course, deep dish cookies. Pastries rotate daily as O’Connor and Blake come up with fresh-baked creations ranging from massive tarts and cake pops to gluten free muffins and cookies. 

In addition to their own popular goodies, Baked in the Burg offers a wide variety of some of St. Pete’s favorites. Every day they have fresh croissants and pastries from Cassis, bagels from Pete’s Bagels, ice cream from Churned, tea from Blush Tea Company, and salads and wraps from Pineapple Espresso. Their full coffee bar showcases coffee and espresso from Pineapple Espresso, as well. (We highly recommend the honey oat milk latte, iced or hot.)

Everything is local, because we know what it’s like to be small and want to be bigger,” Blake said. “Everybody is so cool. This whole community is so welcoming, and really encouraging.”

Baked in the Burg arose from unlikely places

And just as much as Baked in the Burg is a St. Pete success story, it’s also a pandemic success story. While O’Connor has been baking in St. Pete for years (local dog owners will fondly recall her dog treat food truck), Blake just broke onto the scene last year. Just like many of us who were bored while stuck at home during the lockdown phase, Maddie decided to pick up a new hobby. But unlike those who now have cabinets full of unused sourdough starter, Maddie’s hobby actually worked out. In fact, it really worked out. 

As Blake dove into baking professionally, she realized it was her undiscovered talent. And as she explored the world of baked goods, she quite naturally came across O’Connor’s business the EDGE Collective, Burg Cookie Company. After Blake showed up one day and bought one of every single cookie Ashley had available, the two made a connection. 

Shortly after, O’Connor began buying Blake’s brownies wholesale, and before long she just said hey, why don’t you come set up shop with me here? 

Fast forward to October 2021, and Baked in the Burg was open for business, giving both of them the space and opportunity they had been dreaming of.

“When we tell people that story, it’s like, that was so nuts,” Blake said. “But it’s worked out so well.”

Baked in the Burg brings family-friendly treats to EDGE District

By joining forces and moving into a larger, permanent space, the pair can continue making custom cakes and large wholesale orders for businesses and events, while developing the community aspect of the business that helped bring them together in the first place.

“We just wanted an environment that everybody wanted to be in,” Blake said. “That was important. It’s a local place. It’s a family place. We’re going to remember your dog’s name and your kid’s name.”

Baked in the Burg is located at 25 Dr. MLK Jr. Street South in St. Petersburg.

Follow Baked in the Burg on Instagram and its website.

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