Arts Initiatives & Parking Tickets: What You Need To Know

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Kriseman, Tomalin and the City of St. Pete continue to make strong impressions in the Burg community. After years of financial stagnation, Mayor Kriseman is pushing forth concepts to rejuvenate the arts scene in the city. Citizen commitment to the local arts community has enabled the gallery and mural revival. The continued support of city officials and residents is the reason the Sunshine City has become a public gallery in and of itself.

Just recently, BBC featured one of the centerpiece sculptures featured at the St. Pete Science Festival. Echoing the sentiments of the city at large, city council members voted to set aside $1 million over the course of 5 years to enhance the Burg's art community. The money will come from the Weeki Wachi Fund reports the Tampa Tribune.

The Arts Advisory Committee, a team appointed by Kriseman, will handle the distribution of the money. The funds will go toward benefitting local non-profit arts centers that provide work for artists in St. Pete as educators. These institutions include the Palladium, American Stage and freeFall Theatre. This decision, and the now inflated ability to aid the arts, will ensure a continued commitment to quality and creativity in the Burg's arts districts.

The mayor has also proposed instituting a box on utility bills for residents looking to contribute to the arts community. This proposition reveals not only an immeasurable confidence in the cultural value of the art Burg residents are producing, but a dedication to its hopeful transcendence as time goes by.

Mayor Kriseman and the Arts Association of St. Pete will host an Arts Update event at the Palladium Theatre this coming Thursday, October 30, from 4-6pm to give further details on the recent propositions. The event will also provide citizens the opportunity to take a more active role in the arts and business communities in St. Pete.

Another significant update you should put on your calendar is the first-ever city Veteran's Day Celebration on November, 11, beginning at 8am in Williams Park. This event is in honor of those who have served and falls in line with Kriseman's push to reinvent Williams Park and its place in our city.

In other St. Pete news, the noticeable aggravation of citizens surrounding the mass amount of parking tickets has come to a head. Back in April, one resident filed a motion to declare the parking ordinance unconstitutional.

In summary, the resident felt the language which explains parking and zoning laws in the downtown area is too vague and "does not indicate whether the two hour period means two continuous hours, or if the two hour period may be tolled by departure from and return to the parking area on the same day." The citizen added to their arguement that the parking code does not define "block." The vagueness inhibits a citizens ability to know where a vehicle must be moved to avoid violating the 2 hour limit.

Earlier in the month, the court ruled in favor of the citizen stating that the language is unconstitutionally vague.

Court documents found in the WTSP archives.

We want to know from any citizen who has received, or knows someone who has received a parking violation in the Burg, do you think the ordinance is confusing/vague? 

Written by Dex Fabian

Dex Fabian is the co-founder of I Love the Burg and That's So Tampa. A graphic designer by trade, Dex has been witness to Tampa Bay's explosion to become one of the hottest regions in the nation. In 2009, he helped develop the brand for I Love the Burg and in 2014 developed the branding for That's So Tampa and has been a regular contributor to both ever since.