Anju, a food truck serving Korean fried chicken, opening a brick and mortar in St. Pete

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Anju St. Pete, a Korean Food Truck, is one of the most celebrated mobile food concepts in the Sunshine City. Now, the hub for Korean fried chicken is opening a brick-and-mortar location at 2827 16th Street North.

The truck has been parked outside the location for some time, offering bites to go on a limited schedule. Soon it will operate out of the physical building allowing the owners to expand and experiment with the current menu.

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“We’ve enjoyed the last 6 years in the food truck serving you awesome food and getting to know all of you! We’re excited to be moving onto the next phase—we’re moving into a brick and mortar,” wrote the owners in a Facebook post. “We’re working hard on a new menu, with new items to be released as they are perfected. Our new menu items will feature buns and dumplings among other tasty Asian eats.”

Of course, due to the current pandemic, once open, the brick and mortar will be takeout only.

Follow Anju St. Pete on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the new space.

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Some of the food trucks most celebrated favorites include K-Pops, hand-cut and battered. Boneless Korean Fried Chicken bites twice fried and tossed in your choice of sauce served with steamed rice.

A staff favorite is the Osaka plate, featuring golden crispy tots drizzled with Japanese mayo, tangy sweet Japanese BBQ sauce, crispy crumbled bacon, Aonori, katsuoboshi (dried smoked bonito flake), fresh scallions and topped with benishoga pickled ginger.

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