All St. Pete businesses will be required to have their employees wear masks beginning Friday

All St. Pete businesses will be required to have their employees wear masks beginning Friday

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COVID-19 cases are spiking in Pinellas County, most noticeably amongst young adults between 25 and 34. On June 17, Mayor Rick Kriseman announced that businesses in St. Pete will be required to have their employees in public-facing roles wear masks. There are some common sense exceptions in the plan, such as medical conditions.

“Don’t expect to receive just a warning,” Kriseman said, addressing businesses in St. Pete who may disregard the order. “Violation of this order is a municipal offense, and could result in financial or business operation related sanctions.”


If you see a business in violation of the mask order, you’re asked to email [email protected], and your concern will be sent to the relevant department.

Kriseman encouraged businesses to institute a “No Mask, No Service” policy. The mask is a short term inconvenience when compared to a ventilator or staying in the hospital, Kriseman noted.

The mask requirement for businesses goes into effect on Friday, June 19.

Community spread seems to. be occurring in St. Petersburg. Establishments such as The Landing, Detroit Liquor, Pelican Pub, The Galley, Park & Rec, Trophy Fish, and Noble Crust have temporarily closed to address positive COVID-19 tests from employees.


Businesses such as restaurants, bars, hair salons, barber shops, entertainment venues will all need to comply with the new order.

Kriseman also asked the city attorney’s office to draft an order that all residents must wear a mask when entering a business, with common sense exceptions. Kriseman has not yet enacted the order as it is still being drafted, and doesn’t plan to before the start of this weekend.

Are you wearing a mask in public?

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