Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher exhibitions enter final week at James Museum

Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher exhibitions enter final week at James Museum

The dual exhibition displaying the work of two of the country’s prolific photographers is now in its final week at The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art in downtown St. Pete. General Admission museum tickets include access to the exhibits, and don’t forget about the Tuesday special at The James Museum: all adult tickets are only $10 ($5 for kids) and the museum has extended hours, operating 10 am – 8 pm.

An incredible dual exhibition at The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art is showcasing work from two of the country’s greatest landscape photographers. The two exhibits, Ansel Adams: The Masterworks and Clyde Butcher: America the Beautiful, are open side-by-side at The James Museum until July 31.

The beauty, grandeur and complexity of the American landscape as interpreted by Adams and Butcher is on full display through a series of distinctive, meticulously rendered black and white photographs. These images examine the power and fragility of the natural world in a way that invites renewed introspection of one’s own relationship with nature.


The James Museum and these two incredible exhibits are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, and from 10 am to 8 pm on Tuesdays with special $10 admission. The museum is located at 150 Central Avenue.

Dual exhibition brings stunning landscapes to St. Pete

Ansel Adams: The Masterworks includes 32 black and white gelatin silver prints, spanning four decades of photography. The Masterworks showcases the skill and talent through which Adams captured the majesty of National Parks, the unique peoples of New Mexico and the ever-changing landscapes of America.

Masterworks contains some of Adams’ most well-known images, such as Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico; Aspens, Northern New Mexico; and Winter Sunrise, The Sierra Nevada. This exhibition invites the viewer to see and feel how Adams experienced America—a place of vast natural wonder, breathtaking beauty and worthy of environmental protection.


“Beauty is at the heart of this exhibition; it serves as an opportunity for us to connect with the awe-inspiring natural beauty found all over this country, lifting us out of the day-to-day,” said Laura Hine, Executive Director. “And this is a rare opportunity to see these two formidable and influential artists together in one space.”

In Clyde Butcher: America the Beautiful, Butcher’s photographs reveal wild and natural places where few humans have ventured, with images capturing remarkable solitude and wonder. His large-scale dramatic images are a valued artistic expression of what we have, and what we might lose if we do not protect our environment.

Butcher grew up in California and later relocated to Florida, finding peace and his life’s mission within the Everglades. Butcher is an ambassador to the arts and environment, a diplomat of the remaining wild places, and an emissary to the hearts and minds of Americans to protect our country’s natural places.

“Many people regard Clyde Butcher as the Ansel Adams of Florida,” said Emily Kapes, Curator of Art. “But this exhibition shows such a variety of his stunning landscapes from all over the country. His perspectives are just incredible.”

Learn more about these exhibitions and The James Museum here.

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