A poetry tree arrives on Beach Drive outside Smith & Associates’ office

A poetry tree arrives on Beach Drive outside Smith & Associates’ office

A brightly lit tree with poems tied to the branches

A brand new poetry tree is on Beach Drive, and those passing are welcome to pluck a poem from its illuminated branches at 330 Beach Drive Northeast outside of Smith & Associates office. The poems are courtesy of Katee Tully’s Poetry Bar. This all led up to a new immersive outdoor art exhibition called The Long Nights: How the Light Gets In.

The exhibition will run from Friday, December 18 through Monday, December 21 from 4:30-7:30pm each night.


“A night to share your light with others.
A night to remember those who have
brought light and love into your life.
Bring your brightest self.
Come home to us.
The porch lights are on.”

Solo performances from TFO 

The installation is Inspired by the Leonard Cohen quote, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” The beloved and celebrated local artist Katee Tully has created an artistic event that “weaves poetry, people, music, and objects to help reveal how light travels into our lives,” according to a release form Smith & Associates.

“Poetry is like comfort food. You can go to a poem when you are nervous, tired, anxious, and the words will wash over you and within you to bring calm, peace, and often to spark joy. Our Beach Drive art experience will be a rediscovery of how light travels into our lives and bridges the distance between us,” says Katee Tully, founder of Poetry Bar. “We look deeply into each other’s eyes, becoming carriers of light with eyes that connect, understand, and shine.”


Live poetry creation from Gio Typos

The art experience features interactive personal writing prompts, live solo performances by select members of the Florida Orchestra, and live poetry creation by Giovanni Cerro, aka Gio Typos. Gio brings his typewriter to create on-demand, personalized poetry catered to each request.

Learn more on Smith & Associates’ website. View the Facebook Event Page for updates.


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