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A Good Human, a plant-based foodie paradise along the Pinellas Trail

A Good Human, a plant-based foodie paradise along the Pinellas Trail

exterior of a trail side food hall
The Foodie Labs has entrances on The Pinellas Trail and within The Arts Xchange.

The Pinellas Trail is my personal paradise, and The Foodie Labs (515 22nd St S Suite 130) is a bustling food hall located off the cyclist and pedestrain path. This culinary hub is home to a variety of exciting food concepts such as Bagel Babe, Shaner’s Smoke Sesh, and the increasingly popular A Good Human plant-based kitchen.

A Good Human has quickly established itself as a plant-based haven, offering an array of grab-and-go meals that are not only delicious but also health-conscious. Committed to using no refined sugars, no preservatives, and all non-GMO ingredients, A Good Human ensures that their offerings are as wholesome as they are flavorful. For those with dietary restrictions, they provide a range of gluten-free options as well.


three people standing in front of a black and green mural-covered wall
Matt, Kate, and Chef Jen are the nimble team behind A Good Human

A plant-based paradise off the Pinellas Trail

The kitchen operates with convenient hours, welcoming guests from Wednesday to Friday from 8am to 2pm, and on Saturdays from 9:30am to 2pm. The Foodie Labs is laid back, you simply walk in and order up on the tablets at the front. You can also order in advance on The Foodie Lab’s website.

For those who can’t make it to the food hall, A Good Human’s products are also available at several locations across the region, including Abby’s in Tampa, Chamberlins in Lakeland and Orlando, multiple Earth Origins locations, and St. Pete’s beloved Rollin’ Oats.

a breakfast wrap filled with eggs and veggies
The incredible omelet wrap with fresh kimchi | Photo via A Good Human

Cooking classes for kids and adults in St. Pete

One of the standout features of A Good Human is their commitment to education through cooking classes available for both kids and adults. You can find their full list of upcoming cooking classes online. Additionally, they recently partnered with Fit Life Foods to introduce vegan and vegetarian dishes to a broader audience, further expanding their impact.


The menu at A Good Human boasts a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Highlights include the Breakfast Wrap, a delectable creation featuring an omelet wrap with slow-roasted tomatoes, spinach, and cheese, layered with spinach or arugula and fermented kimchi for added crunch and gut health benefits. Another popular choice is the Crunchy Granola Creamy Yoghurt Berry Pot, which combines mixed berries, strawberry coulis, live culture creamy yogurt, and a sprinkle of seeds and goji berries for an omega-rich treat. For a heartier option, the Coconut Ramen Salad Bowl and Sweet Potato Falafels are crowd favorites.

a yogurt bowl filled with fresh fruit and granola
Gut Health loving Crunchy Granola creamy yoghurt berry po

A mouth-watering menu for breakfast and lunch

Kate Harvey, along with her nimble but sensational team, continues to elevate plant-based palates across St. Pete, demonstrating the vibrant potential of trailside businesses in Pinellas County. The Foodie Labs itself is a testament to this potential, with recent additions like Happy Endings Desserts and Pizza 2 Point Dough, a Roman-style pizza joint, joining the dynamic food scene.

A visit to The Foodie Labs and A Good Human Plant-based Kitchen not only promises a delightful culinary experience but also supports a movement towards healthier, more sustainable eating. Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or simply looking to explore new flavors, A Good Human is a must-visit destination in St. Pete.

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a food hall at night
The Foodie Labs has plenty of bike parking, and indoor and outdoor seating


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