7 definitive burgers from The Avenue, to celebrate its 7th anniversary

The Avenue has been serving burgers, cocktails and good times to the Burg for 7 years. That’s right, 7 years. Time flies when your city is on the rise. The Avenue, and the entire Hunger + Thirst Restaurant group, which also includes the adult playground Park & Rec, Kings Counter at Tropicana and the forthcoming No Vacancy, have served to elevate the food scene in Tampa Bay.

Their growth has provided ample job opportunities for locals and inspired others to grow and nurture their business aspirations. So, with all the sentimental stuff out of the way, let’s get to the burgers. These beauties are filled with local ingredients, serious fire and … blueberry jam. You heard us.

Say Cheese

This burger is a cheese lover’s dream. The holy trinity of ooey gooey goodness is comprised of mac and cheese, pepper jack cheese and beer cheese fondue. Add in some crispy peppered bacon and this burger is a proverbial knockout. It’s also a proper introduction to the nature of The Avenue’s recipes.


Trust us, you won’t forget about this burger. It’s a like a cozy meal back home. Fistfuls of tender roast beef are drowned in pesto mayo and roasted peppers. It’s completed with addictive mozzarella.


“I’ll be your Huckleberry.” We imagine that’s what the burger says to us every time we order it. This beauty is topped with savory bacon and melty brie cheese. Then it’s smothered with blueberry jam on top.

It’s not a combination we initially thought would work. But that’s the Avenue’s way, it’s culinary adventure and we’re more than down to come along for the ride. The blueberry spread is a bit tart, subtle in consistency and a perfect way to break up the overt savoriness from the brie and bacon on top. Try it. You’ll like it. You’re welcome.


Eat like a local. It’s literally just an amalgam of all things that are good. Bourbon bacon onion jam? Good. Peppered bacon? Good. Then you add in the classics: Yellow American cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles. It’s a classic and probably one of our favorite Friday night bites.

My Big Fat Greek Burger

Tzatziki sauce makes everything better, that’s just a fact. Three simple ingredients make this burger we constantly crave: Feta cheese, Tzatziki sauce and Greek salad. It’s a hearty treat that makes for a fine midday reprieve.

Smoke Stack

This burger is GOUDA — pun intended. Love pulled porked? Then you’ll love this marriage of pulled pork, fried onions, sweet bbq sauce and smoked gouda. No matter the time of year, it makes us feel like we’re at backyard summer BBQ. Chew on that, St. Pete.


Sometimes you need something spicey — and that’s what the Firecracker is on the menu for. This tastebud igniter features spicy house made habanero sauce, peppered bacon, fresh jalapeños and pepper jack. You might want to have a glass of milk handy when you order this one.

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The Avenue, 330 1st Avenue South.

What’s your favorite spot for a burger in St. Pete? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan is the Editor of ilovetheburg.com. Follow him on Twitter @harlanyoungII and Instagram @harlanyoung. Send tips and potential stories to info@ilovetheburg.com.