5 local artists named SHINE Open Wall Call winners

The SHINE Mural Festival open wall call received 40 submissions from local artists. After intense deliberation the 5 winners were picked. Yes, that means 5 NEW murals will be going up in the Burg by artists who have their finger on the pulse of the Sunshine City.

So, who are the winners?

Melanie Posner

We were first introduced to the work of Melanie Posner at her show called The Garden of Goddesses at COVE in Pinellas Park, which is on view through October 27. Her photo-realistic paintings make an indelible impression on the viewer and we can only imagine what she has planned for the festival.

From Melanie’s own artist statement: “My artwork has become a self-reflecting form of meditation for me. It is a journey through my mind and spirit to help form a healthy and loving acceptance of myself. In return, my creations empower other woman to form a deeper meaning of themselves.”

Jacob Jacquillard

Jacob’s lettering will splat an artistic haymaker right into your face. His style is unmistakeable and is absolutely meant to beautify the walls of the Burg. His style is oozing with personality. It’s colorful. It’s bubbly but with an edge. We’re here for whatever art Jacob adds to this open air gallery of a city.

Sarah Page

Sarah Page seems to have an infinite reserve of creative energy. By day she serves as Assoc. Director of Development and Marketing at Quantum Leap Farm, a nonprofit providing equine-assisted therapies. In her spare time, she’s a muralist — and a graphic designer and illustrator.

Her bold mural work can be seen on the side of If I Brewed the World. Very soon, Page’s art will rule the Burg.

Justin Wagher

Justin Wagher has been painting murals in St. Petersburg since he was in high school. Let that sink in. His artist prowess and ambition have no ceiling. So, when he’s not doing art shows, his next one is Nov. 10 at the Morean Arts Center, he’s winning contests and participating in SHINE. Honestly, his work speaks for itself.

Michael Vahl

Vahl has painted portraits of everyone from Salvador Dali to Guy Fieri. Each portrait carries his signature touch. It’s like something plucked from the pages of a Frank Miller graphic novel. Speaking of, his Joker paintings are brilliant.

Whatever Vahl adds to the walls of the Burg, we trust it will blow our minds.

SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Fest begins on October 6 and runs through October 11.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan is the Editor of ilovetheburg.com. Follow him on Twitter @harlanyoungII and Instagram @harlanyoung. Send tips and potential stories to info@ilovetheburg.com.