3 Daughters Brewing using equipment to make hand sanitizer for the St. Pete community

The businesses in the city of St. Petersburg never fail to amaze us. This city has pulled together in such a remarkable way to support business owners, local employees, and residents. 3 Daughters Brewing, one of the most decorated hubs for good beer, CBD Seltzer, tasty snacks, and live music is using its equipment to provide a vital product for residents: hand sanitizer.

According to a release from 3DB, it’s now using its equipment to make hand sanitizer that they’ll be giving out to the community beginning on March 19.

“We wanted to look for a way our large brewing capacity could help the community” said Mike Harting, Owner of 3 Daughters Brewing. “We are all in this together and this is an opportunity to give back to people who may not have been able to find it in stores.”

The free hand sanitizer will be available to patrons (one per person) for a limited time until supplies run out. Anyone who would like to have it can come by the brewery starting Thursday from 10-3 and any day after for as long as supplies last.

3 Daughters Brewing is located at 222 22nd Street South. Follow 3DB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan is the Editor of ilovetheburg.com. Follow him on Twitter @harlanyoungII and Instagram @harlanyoung. Send tips and potential stories to info@ilovetheburg.com.