24-Hour Diner Opening Downtown

24-Hour Diner Opening Downtown

The Burg has become a paradise for foodies and art lovers. The city is flush with events that activate the community and bring in visitors from all over the state and country. One thing the downtown area has been lacking is a 24-hour restaurant to serve famished individuals after the events end.

Kahwa Coffee owner Raphael Perrier, Chef Jeremy Duclut (Cassis/Wooden Rooster), and Tryst owner Renaud Cowez look to fill that void with 2nd & Second, an all day, all night diner serving classic American cuisine. For those who crave bacon and eggs, a cup of coffee or some vintage diner appetizers late at night, this spot will soon become a staple. The diner will be located at the corner of 2nd Avenue North and 2nd Street in a 3,000 sq. ft. space across the from the Sundial with room for up to 150 diners.

The owners hope to have the diner open by the spring of 2017. We’ll update with specifics as their made available. The diner will certainly become a favorite amongst those leaving a concert at The Ale and The Witch, a late showing at Muvico, or those craving a hearty bite early before work. Those looking for something more spirited will be delighted to know 2nd & Second will also feature a full bar.

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