16-foot-long whale arrives at James Museum for new exhibit, Environmental Impact II

Outside The James Museum on Central Avenue

A warm whale-come to the Burg’s newest resident, a 16-foot-long whale made entirely of reclaimed plastic pieces. The piece, Nanami, is by Sayaka Ganz, and it’s part of The James Museum’s newest exhibit, Environmental Impact II.

“Blue whales are the largest mammals on Earth and in some cultures, they are known to be the guardians of the ocean, or as symbols of the ocean itself,” says Ganz. “Nanami is made with reclaimed plastic objects but designed so that the materials do not stand out until viewers get close enough to see it in detail. I hope that the use of discarded plastics will help raise awareness about pollution. If we value our resources, we will waste less.

Posted by The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art on Friday, August 16, 2019

Revealing the fragility of our natural world

The exhibit will feature the works of 20 different artists. They aren’t meant to simply be appreciated. Each painting and sculpture is serves as a warning and a reminder of the effects climate change is having on our natural world.

Topics covered include global warming, the Gulf oil spill, unabated logging and mining, and loss of bee populations.

“We are excited to display compelling artwork about our local and global environmental issues,” said Emily Kapes, Curator at The James Museum. “At a time when environmental changes and challenges are becoming increasingly visible in our daily lives, the artists draw attention to these issues, responding in creative and thought-provoking ways.”

Environmental Impact II will be on view to the public from August 24-December 1. Visit The James Museum’s website to reserve tickets, or to learn more about the works in their galleries.

The James Museum, 150 Central Avenue.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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