Residents Launch GoFundMe to Purchase Local Musician New Accordion

Nick Boutwell has endeared himself to the St. Pete community. His music permeates the parks and streets of St. Pete on a nightly basis. Visitors at the Saturday morning market, both young and old, often find themselves transfixed by his melodies.

The purveyor of Mediterranean tunes is in need of a new accordion. The instrument is his way of making a living. His craft infuses our city with vibrant life, so we encourage residents who have been touched by his music in the past to help him continue to pursue, perfect and share his passion.

Local residents who have found themselves drawn to his art have created a GoFundMe page to help raise the necessary funds for a new accordion. The creators of the page note that a new professional level accordion costs around $2,000. Any extra money raised during the campaign will go toward furthering his music career.

In just 3 days, a total of 39 backers have raised $900 — nearly 50% of the entire fundraising goal. Click HERE to donate or to learn more.